Photograph by Joshua Therieh


Tamago is a fun product design and prototyping assignment that was created to inspire a sense of wonder and childlike joy by juxtaposing familiar objects on an entirely different function. Another team project, we wanted to create something absurd but slightly adorable, like a speaker that looks like an egg.

Photograph by Joshua Therieh



2mm HIPS sheets


Spray Paint



We created a rough form with thermocol facilitating minor edits and finalising measurements.


The same form was remodelled with wood.

Vacuum Forming

A HIPS sheet was vacuum formed on the wooden die and then smoothened and spray painted. The orifices for the AUX cable and charging were made.


The front end of the wooden die was carefully removed. A hole was made in it for the speaker. The circuit was placed inside the cavity of the vacuum form and the speaker was attached to the internal wall of the wooden part. Another painted HIPS disc was then placed over the opening.

Fooling around like college students do

Voila! A cute but functioning speaker.

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