Rainforests is an idea that I came up with in 2016 and started to seriously work upon in 2017.

It was attempted as an extensive concept design project. The story is set around a young child trying to recover from her parents' death through her love for nature.

And along the way she has experiences and makes unusual friends.


world reference

The story is set in a fictional world that is loosely modelled around the picturesque hill town of Darjeeling in West Bengal, India.

I created a moodboard of lots of sunlight, evergreen coniferous forests, a little mist and a crisp, cool atmosphere of the hills.

concept sketches

The key look and feel developed after keeping the reference in mind. The vegetation, architecture and props were accordingly done.

hills development.jpg
house development.jpg





These are some of the various references I took to arrive at some specific characters like a 7-year-old girl, her grandmother and an essentially genderless character.



Character iterations were done according to the decided factors like age, physical attributes and character traits.

Concept illustrations was made to gain a stronger understanding of their personalities.

amisha 1.jpg
amisha development.jpg
lakhi development.jpg

FINAL character designs

storyboards and inspirationals

The story follows a classic version of Vogler's 12 step Hero's Journey. It is still underway.