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chinaman 00

Chinaman 00 is a nonsensical slapstick comedy story about Chocolate Naidu, a college student who is gravely wronged by one of his best friends, but he doesn't know who.

Desperate for the answer, he seeks help from Ajay Khan, a dysfunctional detective with a sugar addiction.

Follow them on their absurd adventures in the first chapter of Chinaman 00, a photo comic book filled with double meanings, horrible jokes and references.


The storytelling medium is a comic book where each panel is a photograph, sometimes with minimal editing or hand drawn effects.

In fact, we, the creators were also part of the actors, Sree Mahit playing the protagonist Chocolate Naidu, Surendra as Sridharan Nair and myself as Memeta Banerjee.




Ajay Khan

He is a dysfunctional consulting detective that has a hard time getting clients because he is no good at his job. Functioning out of a small room, he patiently waits for a client, silently sucking on table sugar. He gets really excited when he finally gets one visitor and pledges to give it his all. 

Chocolate Naidu

He is a college student in his 3rd year, who has been wrongfully defamed by his friend on social media. He goes to Ajay Khan, seeking help and catch the suspect.


Eddie Choonawala

Fondly called 00 by people, he is Chocolate’s closest friend. An athlete, he is rarely seen outside the tracks. He plays a major role in this story.

Sridharan Nair

Also part of Chocolate’s closest friend circle, he is known to be crude and a bully.


Memeta Banerjee

No one knows her real name, but since she is the memelord of the campus, that is what she is called. Ajay Khan turns to her for leads.

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